Public car parks are easily found around the bus stands and the ports. Check out the English language bus schedule when you get to Mykonos – buses to the beaches were frequent so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out provided you have time. I don’t remember which beaches are on the South side of the island. I know I wanted to go to Elia, but the schedules to get there were very limited when I went and I didn’t want to take a cab. They also have little boats that can take you from one beach to another, but again, not sure what that will be like in October… It’s a short distance of just 3 kilometers or 1.9 miles, and it takes only 10 minutes to get to the town center from the airport.

Minibusses are a convenient option for families or other small groups who wish to get privately to their destination. Many of them have been specifically designed to offer sufficient luggage storage underneath, especially the ones used to serve passengers from/to the port or airport. You can store your suitcase or other luggage with no additional fees after purchasing your ticket.

They are also the cheapest way to get from one place to another and allow you to reach the most popular towns, villages, and beaches easily. Cruise in sophisticated style onboard White Coral Catamaran on Mykonos and discover the nearby island of Rhenia or the iconic southern coast. Look out for our newsletters with travel tips and special offers. You can get a taxi in Mykonos but be wary….when I was there in early June there were often very long queues. I found it ok to take the taxi in the early am to the beach, but always ended up taking the bus back. As for a seafood restaurant, we really enjoyed a place called Kounelas.

Anyone taking the bus can expect to pay an average ticket price of between €1.80 and €2.30, with the price fluctuating based on the exact final destination and also the time of day. In Mykonos Town the highest concentration of rent a car – motorbike agencies is in and around the area of the southern bus station, where you will find a wide range of choices. The other area of Mykonos Town with rent a car – motorbike agencies is near to the old port, behind the Archaeological Museum. Approximately one bus route is available per hour, although at some locations, buses are available no more than a few times per day, from morning to evening. Visit here to know more about the bus schedule.

Take an easy, relaxing 40 minute cruise over to the island from Mykonos and use the same ticket to return later. Mykonos is the stunning island of incredible views, golden sunlight and iconic windmills rotating in the whispering breeze. It is also well known for its 25 beaches, which cover the coastline all over the island. Furthermore, there are many excellent little village and secrets to discover around, beyond the central town of Chora. So, transport around the island is something which is going to be very important.

If the mykonos bus schedule 2023 does not meet your needs, a great alternative would be to start looking for private transfers or car rentals that can be booked in advance. Many bus routes are seasonal and there are more schedules per day from May to September compared to any other time of the year. In brief, KTEL buses are the only means of public transfer and the cheapest way to move around Mykonos. Buses in Mykonos depart from three main stations and approach the most touristy spots on the island.

Ferries to the mainland and other Greek islands usually leave from the new port, the catamaran to Delos leaves from the old port. Tickets cost € 2.00 to € 2.50 depending on your destination and time (day/night), and can be bought from the bus driver. Mykonos has a variety of transportation options available, including public buses, transfers and taxis, car rentals, and shuttle services. Still, the airport buses link the airport directly only to Mykonos Chora, while even during the peak season -when their itineraries are considered frequent enough, they are often delayed. Thus, the waiting time for a bus at the airport can be longer than expected. The new port houses the cruise ships that serve the island, so if people have landed at the airport and need to make a connection to a cruise ship they should take this bus route.

Your escort will regale you with stories about Mykonos’ rich history as you discover just what makes this island so special. By public transport, it is easy to get to all the southern beaches, which happen also to be the nicest beaches. Renting a motorbike or a car is the way to go if you want to explore the rest of the island, especially the more remote beaches on the north coast. Motorbike and car rentals are readily available around the island. The pick up will be at the arrival section of the port the time you requested.

To avoid the hassle, consider booking a private transfer in advance. This option provides added convenience and can save you money in the long run. With the cooperation ofWelcome Pickups, we simplify your journey to and from Mykonos’ port. Instead of enduring lengthy taxi lines or paying extra fees, you can leave your travel in the hands of knowledgeable drivers who are familiar with every corner of this beautiful island. Mykonos KTEL was founded in 1981 with its headquarters in Fabrica Mykonos and aiming at covering the transportation needs of both the habitants and the numerous visitors.

Because during summer season, there are some delays, we watch boat trips in real time. For pick up at the port, we grant a grace period of 60 minutes after the actual time of arrival. We also recommend to make a reservation in advance to be guaranteed a car at the time of the pick up. makes it easy for you to find, compare and book city-to-city bus tickets, all over the world. With several language and currency options available, Busbud seeks to cater to international bus travellers no matter where they are in the world. Thessaloniki airport buses are the only public transportation means serving Macedonia Airport.