The reason why we do that is that this is hard work and we believe they should be paid well. Happy movers mean happy customers, happy customers mean busy movers, and busy movers mean happy movers. On average we get a one-trip move done in 3-4 hours. You’re not under any obligations to confirm your move after we give you a quote. If you’re not happy with the price and would like to shop around, you’re welcome to see what others are offering. But trust us, we operate on the thinnest of margins to keep our services affordable.

Oz is constantly evolving and expanding the array of services we offer to best meet customer needs. One of the reasons we are an hourly company as opposed to a company that charges flat rates is that most flat rate moving companies in NYC come with a bunch of hidden charges. They will low ball you with a flat rate and then look for ways to upcharge you. That 400 dollar flat rate charge ya got often balloons big time.

Beware of cancellations fees for some before you proceed. Check out our frequently asked questions and get some answers from one of the most reputable NYC Movers. If you have an “infrequently” asked question, just visit our contact page to email or call us. Roadway is the best moving company in New York. The focus of Dumbo Moving & Storage has always been to provide a fair and cheap price of moving to its customers.

Whatever the buildings, we’ve got the experience to negotiate tight corners and haul those heavy items up seven flights of stairs. Just tell us what you need us to move, and we’ll do it. We prepare the team and the transport in advance for every assignment, so we’re always prepared. Most refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other electrical or mechanical appliances require special servicing to ensure safe transportation. Any moving parts such as motors on major appliances, washer drums, icemakers and the pickup arm on a phonograph should be securely fastened for shipment.

Our vans are designed to be stout and compact to navigate the difficulties of on-street parking in New York City. Whether you’ve just bought a cool painting from an auction or your custom gaming chair is ready, send for Lou, and we’ll supply the man with a van. If your goods are placed in storage, there will be an additional charge for the valuation or insurance coverage provided for your shipment, as mentioned previously. The type of coverage and cost will depend upon whether the shipment is held in storage-in-transit or in permanent (long-term) storage. Please ask Moving Right Along for information regarding storage arrangements. Travel time fee is a flat fee that is charged to the client to compensate for the time spent getting to the pickup address and to return from the delivery address .

But moving in NYC during a pandemic presents its own set of unique challenges. We know the struggle of packing up basically your entire life in boxes and moving . If you’re moving soon, fear not, as this guide will help you navigate the beginnings of your new life in a new borough — or a new street if you’re just moving a few blocks over. Your moving service in New York City needs to be able to handle the city’s unique challenges. Moving in New York City requires negotiating traffic and parking challenges, understanding packing and unpacking for high rises, adhering to building restrictions and more. Shleppers Moving and Storage has the track record you can trust with your valuable belongings.

Since 1851, Morgan Manhattan movers have been committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. These services can be bundled in your Guaranteed Price move. Simply request the services you need and we’ll quote you a flat rate—no surprises later. We have a great team of people who have worked here for a long time. Sweet Lou Moves You is an NYC moving known to pay some of the highest wages in the moving game.