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For Foreign Members

We are sorry for your complex to know CPF system,
that occur your pose to buy the plan.
But We are sorry again,
that can not explain what is CPF.
Because We are CPF but CPF is not CPF,
it means no rule is how to be creative by Creators.
They play so on CPF.
They hack the contents industry through  CPF project.
So if you need a clear answer,
CPF is the Creators themselves.

This time,
you do not mind what is CPF.
Goth-trad show you an answer through this project.

Contents is actually important,
but then same,
Contents is just hub for you and the Creators communication.

Get his raw creativity as your experience.

We are welcome to your join,our complex.
Creativity teach us always our parallel stands alone but complex.

you could see me?

Hello,We are “CPF”.

no ask@creative-platform.org

Followings are elements what Goth-Trad deliver to you…

Wax Alchemy Interview
GOTH-TRAD feat. Dälek – “Skin No Longer Scars”

By 8th July 2016,

We are open to your join.

Please Check more detail into http://www.gothtrad.com/psionics/en/