However, as she got sexier than she used to be, Amy Adams unexpectedly lost her job on a TV program, which most people didn’t see coming. We can’t deny that Jessica Alba has one of the prettiest bodies in the entertainment business, even though she struggled early in her career due to being a sex symbol. However, even though a few years have passed by, her breast is still one of the most discussed topics today. There is no doubt about that, considering her perfect and beautiful body. Just like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner has become one of the most influential stars of the century.

Former Supermodel and America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks came second, while actress Scarlet Johansson was third.

Many people are curious to know whether Hendricks’s breasts are real or not. Since there have been rumors that she had breast augmentation, she quickly shut down all of them. Although she looks sexy and hot, especially when wearing tight-fit dresses during award shows, it is unavoidable to get injured as her body is squeezed so tightly in one dress. Her big bust, breast, and butt really is something that not everyone has, and she is proud to say that hers is all-natural. Fans started to compare her present photos with her past ones, and the changes are quite noticeable.

That’s why up until today, she has always been known to be one of the most discussed actresses online. She even signed a deal with one lingerie brand, all because she struggled to find her size due to her big breasts. Now, she doesn’t struggle anymore, as she already has a closet full of lingerie. Aside from that, with her boobs looking so big, she has always shined through social media. However, just like her sister, Kylie has been accused of getting breast implants which she hasn’t addressed yet. With her kindness and genuine love for her fans, there is no doubt why so many people love her.

Although her works in both industries are worth discussing, her boob is also something that most people are quite fascinated with. Some people even said that although Kate is quite famous, it seems like her boobs are far more successful than her. Unlike others, it seems like Emily Ratajkowski found her big boobs not to be such a good asset at all. Although she did gain so much popularity after appearing in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video, showing off her big breasts to everyone. Unlike others, Gaga is truthful to her fans as she doesn’t deny any of the speculations.

She often shows off her cleavage during golf tournaments and photoshoots, making it clear why people love Paige so much. The American singer-songwriter is best known for her hit singles such as “I Wanna Love You Forever” and “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. Jessica’s curves are incredibly popular among fans, with a pair of 34DD breasts being one of her most attractive features. She often shows off her cleavage on the red carpet or during photoshoots, making it clear why people love Jessica so much. The American actress is best known for her roles in films such as Friends and We’re The Millers.

Most people, men and women alike, have become more obsessed with best boobs. This is true as beauty standards vary across cultures around the world. Her glory days on Friends may have come to an end nine years ago, but Jennifer Aniston hasn’t aged a bit. Just when we thought Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue had reached its peak in 2008 with Marisa Miller, in bounces Kate Upton’s flawless set of twins.

But some celebrities just plain dazzle the eyes with their amazing eye candy for every one to see. He said this has a lot to do with proportion and Miranda’s breasts perfectly complement her body shape, including her hip to waist ratio and height. The ex Victoria’s Secret supermodel also featured in the top five list. Former Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills star Denise has scientifically ‘perfect’ breasts, according to the ratio. The Harley Street surgeon said the ‘Golden Ratio’ in breasts, for him, is about creating breasts that are in proportion with the rest of the body. Mr Allen Rezai, Consultant Plastic Surgeon compiled a top five list to see how modern celebs breasts’ matched up, according to the formula.

She once told Esquire Magazine in 2005 that she didn’t mind having small boobs because her shapely butt is her favorite part. In an interview with Glamour UK, she revealed she had a boob job when she was 20. But more than a decade and two kids later, she regrets having them. But while she loves her 34DD boobs, Kate Upton once admitted that she wished she had smaller boobs so it would be easier for her to dress up in her favorite spaghetti tops. In a 2014 interview with GQ, she admitted to praying for big boobs.

According to reports, at the beginning of her acting career, she was asked by a director to show her boobs. No one anticipated that Billie had a big jag under her baggy clothes. During an interview, Billie revealed that she lost 100,000 Instagram followers after sharing the photos online.