These children typically do well when provided with sensory stimuli. According to a study published in the journal “Occupational Therapy In Mental Health,” stress balls can help these kids focus on their work and improve their attention span. This can be an alternative or supplement to therapy, drugs, or Nootropics.

Studies show that when you squeeze a stress ball, your nerves and muscles stimulate and contract which makes them stronger. The strength improves the overall nervous system, which reduces essential hormones and can control your stress levels. The need for a particular type of stress ball or fidget toy can often depend on our mood at the time, especially for kids. With 8 different toys ranging in color and texture, including some filled with tactile beads, kids or adults have more than enough options to choose from.

Some are molded in amusing shapes, and pad- or transfer-printed with corporate logos. They may be presented to employees and clients of companies as promotional gifts. Because of the many non-spherical shapes now available, squishmallow stress ball are generically known as stress relievers. For years, stress balls have been a popular tool for managing stress and anxiety. Let’s look at the science behind stress balls to see if there’s any merit to their use.

A stress ball may appeal because it’s an easy thing to do that doesn’t require a time investment of practice and skill development. However, anyone serious about long-term anxiety management should consider a scientifically-supported alternative. MAKE MINDFULNESS SIMPLE – Enjoy a natural way to de-stress. Each ball has its own theme and aroma to help you embody mindful living. Great as a desk stress ball to inspire healthy thoughts.

I am a Coaching & Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience helping people conquer a range of wellbeing and performance issues at home and in the workplace. Read more about my work, watch practical skills videos or browse other articles. One small study found that dialysis patients experienced reduced stress when using a ball for minutes over eight treatment sessions .

They are usually gifted to the clients and the employees as promotional gifts for branding purposes. The awareness about stress balls has lately increased with the rise in the health problems related to mental stress. Promotional stress balls and stress toys and these are an ideal promotional giveaway for events. We offer a wide selection of personalized stress balls in bulk at wholesale prices customized with fun colours and styles. Mind Panda stress balls come in packs of three, each with a different resistance level, scent, and empowering questions printed on them. The multiple resistance options allow the customer to choose which fit feels the most comfortable and soothing.

This is a great option for small classroom settings or families with multiple kids. These stress balls are handmade and filled with dried lavender flowers. They can be smelled, squeezed, and even tossed around in the air due to their lightweight and soft texture. There are several different types of stress balls that originate from many different countries. The most common type of stress ball in America is the “”bean bag”” type, commonly known as a “”Hacky Sack””. In Australia, most common are the foam type, which prevents stress through resistance from squeezing the ball.