Affordable and professional violin is the best choice for many family. It is a beautiful violin that is easy to tune, has all of the necessary accessories included. I am certain this instrument will get me started well as a beginning violinist. It has been looked at by my professional instructor and she found nothing lacking for a new student. As a Glarry member you can quickly check out, view and track your previous orders, and choose to receive our latest offers and deals.

Glarry Music saves you money on everything you want to buy online by offering Glarry Music discount codes. With savings available on products in almost every category, there’s something for everyone, . Nice violin, had it tuned up at our music store and sounds pretty good when played by a pro… My Daughter is not, as she is just learning. I received my electric guitar the other day, very fast delivery. Frets were flawless the neck pocket is super tight.beautiful paint job.

Better off buying something at your local music store and getting a real opinion and service. It comes complete with everything you need to get started, includes case, bow, rosin, spare strings, shoulder rest and a tuner. The bow is made from arbor and horse tail. The inside of case is very soft to protect the violin.

I’m completely new with the violin and I’m 61 years old. My son played the violin but hasn’t picked it up for a couple of years so I’m borrowing his violin. How can I tell who made this violin, there is no name on the violin. As I progress in playing the violin lets me do that and the sound evolves with me.

I’ve imported good violins from Czech a lot for my students. Outside the tone there’s a lot more wrong with instruments below $ 100. I think there are so many people buying a Violin Shaped Object, noticing that nothing works and giving up the violin. However, there are great webshops that do offer good instruments and service. In my violin shop days I’ve sold them very often and I always liked playing on them. As they offer a rich tone, it’s possible to play them for many years as you make progress on the violin.

They did not hesitate in getting me a replacement shipped out to me. Will get my guitar, through FEDEX March 3rd. Because of the oil finish, this instrument will look beautiful for many years and the varnish won’t chip or splinter as quickly as a high gloss spray finish. I take you from scratch step by step to your first violin concerto including 40 videos, sheet music and violin tabs. As long as you keep your expectations not too high and can accept that some work needs to be done on this instrument, it’s of course great for value for money. Find companies you have experience with and write reviews about them!